NMArrigo is the market leader in Malta with the range of Durex Condoms and Lil-Lets vending machines as well as the Gen-Male and Gen-Female offerings.

NMArrigo has been in the vending machine business for over twenty years. There are two types of vending machines which can been found in bars, restaurants, Durex condom and Lil-Lets sanitary towel machines, and Be-fresh machines.

Durex has built a reputation of reliability so why compromise that reliability when you are out? Our machines are serviced regularly and our staff are pushed to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service rendered.

We recently moved into another operation be fresh machines, which are machines that are suited for hotels, gyms, pools.  There are three types of  be fresh machines, a machine suited for both males and female and hence called unisex (this vending can be found in an area that is common to both males and females) a machine suited for a male audience  and a machine suited for a female audience.

The machines will be serviced regularly and a lot of attention is given to detail to make sure that the machines are in an optimum state. If would like to have a machine installed into your hotel, gym, or restaurant. Please do not hesitate to contact us on: +35621223755  or  email: nmarrigo-email-address