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All products are available from most leading pharmacies.

Lil-Lets non-applicator tampons have a soft cover and rounded tip, making them easy and comfortable to insert, AND expand sideways for better protection against leaks. So if you prefer to use tampons without applicators look no further. Lil-Lets are available in a range of absorbencies from lite through to ultra.

Lil lets is the Number one Uk brand for female hygiene. Lil lets has a complete female hygiene range, ranging from tampons, Pads to panty liners. Lil lets tampons expand width ways not length ways, which means better protection and a more comfortable fit.


There is something innovative in the lil lets, the teen towel range. The teen towel is the first ever ultra towel specifically designed and created for teenagers for maximum comfort and maximum protection. The towels designed, are shorter and narrower to fit younger bodies, more absorbent than the leading adult towel.

There is the day towel and night towel. All the products are available in major pharmacies across Malta.

Exclusively represented by NM Arrigo Ltd. For more information, please phone on: +356 21223755 or contact-us here.

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