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A wine dynasty

Today as in the past, the Mazzei family leads the legacy of their know-how at the place where everything started, at Castello di Fonterutoli, one of the most important institutions of Chianti Classico and Tuscany, with an outstanding history and a bright future ahead.

Our past is our future

Since more than six hundred years, the Mazzei family produces unique wines with spirit and passion renewed from generation to generation. At Fonterutoli, as well as at Belguardo and Zisola, resides the same philosophy that aims to promote local vine varieties as an expression of the identity of the region, in respect of diversity and nature, via sustainable agriculture and improvements mindful of the delicate hydro-geologic balance, in order to prevent soil erosion and maximize water reserves in the region. All of this in order to be able to hand the land intact to future generations.

  • Bianco Belguardo small-FINE WINES-0
  • doppiozeta_2007-small-FINE WINES-1
  • Rose' Belguardo-small-FINE WINES-2
  • Ser Lapo 2006-small-FINE WINES-3
  • Zisola 2007-small-FINE WINES-4
  • Fonterutoli 2007-small-FINE WINES-5
  • Bronzone 2007-small-FINE WINES-6
  • Castello di Fonterutoli 2006-small-FINE WINES-7
  • Poggio alla Badiola-small-FINE WINES-8
  • Serrata 2007-small-FINE WINES-9
  • Siepi 2006-small-FINE WINES-10
  • Tenuta Belguardo senza annata-small-FINE WINES-11
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