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Gynofit Unscented Cleansing Lotion

Gynofit Unscented Cleansing Lotion 200 ml Gynofit Cleansing Lotion is a mild cleansing lotion for daily intimate care The intimate area with its natural, well-balanced equilibrium is a very sensitive area of the body Gynofit Cleansing Lotion contains lactic acid, a natural component of the vaginal flora It keeps the pH value in the normal range and thus protects against a too high or low pH value It is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin For a healthy vaginal flora with lactic acid Bestows a pleasant freshness all day long Extra mild composition for the sensitive area Supports the natural protective function of vaginal flora Soap-free, without preservatives Available in a scented and unscented version Application: apply daily while showering and rinse off
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