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NM Arrigo sponsor Hamrun Spartans Futsal team with Zippo lighters

NM Arrigo, the exclusive representative of Zippo, are one of the new sponsors of the Hamrun Spartans team in Futsal. NM Arrigo Ltd feels that sport is a vital component that liberates the mind and gives us all the possibility to dream and work on the same idiom.

The history of Futsal is interesting and noteworthy. It began ten years ago. Most of the players were young and all the players who came through the youth ranks of the club, but did not pursue a career in the 11-a-side league.

The person that was instrumental in setting up the Hamrun Spartans was Paul Rapa, who approached Lennex Brincat who then decided to form a team to compete in the futsal league organized by the MFA. At that time there were four divisions, with matches played outside in pitches around Malta. Many teams did not bear the name of a club, but represented their towns. After two seasons in the fourth division, Spartans won the division, and for three consecutive seasons we won promotion, playing in the first division after just five years of adventure.

At that time, sportive rivalry existed with TODOS F.C.  During the first season in the first division, the team avoided relegation, but in a second attempt to make it to the premier division, they succeeded as runners up.  A tough head-to-head challenge then existed with Zurrieq F.C. for promotion. Season 2014/15 is the Spartans’ fourth season in the top division of Maltese Futsal. The level of the game has been improving over the years. Foreigners have been joining in our league.  Moreover an association has been formed to take care of the league, namely the FMA, affiliated with the MFA. The team improved with the addition of new players but did not abandon its root.

Paul Rapa is now responsible for team matters, and James Ciangura is the coach whom together runs the reigns of the team.  Thanks to Edward Psaila the team is stronger with the help of sponsors and all the needs a team entails.  Kenneth Cefai is the team manager.

NM Arrigo is the exclusive representative of Zippo in Malta.


For more information contact us at https://www.nmarrigo.com/contact/ and We Support.


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