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Capt A Caruana Wines Spirits and Tobacco St Julians Malta

New shop- Capt. A.Caruana

Capt.A.Caruana has been in the retail business for a over a decade and is known by all, especially people who frequent Valletta. Capt.A.Caruana has recently extended its outlet business and recently opened another shop in St.Julian's.

This outlet is a must for cigar aficionados, selection of cigars, both Cuban and the Dominican Republic, which are in reach of anybody's budget.

Capt. A. Caruana have a range of whiskies, ranging from the 'classic' hub of whisky making of Scotland to the new and interesting world of Japan.

This outlet is also a must for wine connoisseurs, wine to make the best of us turn silly just gazing at the selection ranging from both the new world and old world. We also have a range of chilled wine ready for you.Winter brings rain and storms but also a more intimate way how to meet and interact and enticing you to organise dinners.


Address: St.Augustine street, St.Julian's, Malta.

Our opening hours are 10 am- 10 pm , we open everyday including Sunday, for more information please contact us via email or phone us on +356 21380950.

More information on our Contact page.

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