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Teeling Whisky rare 15year old

Teeling Whiskey release rare -15 year old Single Grain with Sauvignon Blanc

Teeling distillers believe in innovation but still keeping the strong hold of Irish practices that makes the whisky so unique. Teeling Distillers are at the fore front of Whiskey Irish Single malt whisky. Teeling Whiskey releases a rare 15 year old single grain. This limited edition of 15 year old Bottling was matured initially in ex- Bourbon casks before extra maturation for a further 12 months in ex-sauvginon blanc.

The intial bourbon cask maturation produces a beautiful base of sweet vanilla and caramel with buttery oak, which is then complimented by the extra age by the extra aging in the French Sauvignon Blanc Wine casks,layering on a beautiful bouquet of green apples on the nose with light citrus and orange blossom giving way to smooth, delicate vanilla and caramel note son the palate.

This new release adds another option in an exciting new sub-category of Irish and global whiskey with whiskey drinkers becoming more knowledgeable and interested in what it can offer. The 15 year old release consists of triple distilled Irish whiskey distilled in predominantly from maize. This release is only Teeling whiskey's third and oldest release of single grain. Jack Teeling , founder of the Teeling company mentioned " our new 15- year old is a representation of our mission to help drive the Irish Whiskey through a continued expansion of the Irish Whiskey category"

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