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Have recently added more products to their portofolio, six herbs consisting of oregano,basil,chili flakes,fennel, thyme, rosemary. All different but pleasing flavours to savour with food.

Gozo Cottage was founded in 2003 with the prime aim of rediscovering and reviving old recipes and traditions for Gozitan agricultural produce. It was with this vision that Gozo Cottage was set up encompassing both the cooperative and individual farmers who believed in this project and strived to make a success story out of it.

The first product which Gozo Cottage embarked was the production of olive oil – a product which dates its origins in Malta back to the Roman Empire epoch. Gozo Cottage invested heftily in a state-of-the-art olive press, which was specifically designed and built by world leaders AlfaLaval. Taking a holistic approach and with the support of the local councils, olive trees were re-planted all over Gozo. Today, Gozo Cottage boasts of its olive oil all originating from olives grown and harvested in the Isle of Gozo.


BasilChili flakes



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